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John Barban Review-How much Tran’s fat is margarine?

According to the latest scientific data, the consumption of trans fats leads to disruption of metabolism and specifically affects the lipid metabolism of the organism, which is likely to cause changes in the internal exchanges of insulin and obesity.

Moreover, a study in the Harvard School of Public Health (2) shows that consumption, even small amounts of trans-fat (2% of total calorie) quickly leads to the development of coronary heart disease.

How much Tran’s fat is margarine?
The margarine was the first product obtained by processing with hydrogen (hydrogenation) technology, which enables the liquid vegetable oil become solid.

The first company to produce it was Procter & Gamble in 1911.
As already mentioned, margarine contains a lot of Trans fat: light margarine - 0.1 to 17%, margarine for cooking - 20-40%, vegetable creams - 1.5-6%.

 In addition, there is the rule: the more consistent you are margarine, the greater is its percentage of trans fats and vice versa.

A dangerous dose of margarine
Based on the studies about the dangers of Trans fats in excess of 2% of the daily caloric demand, we obtain a quantity greater than 4 grams per day dose is harmful to health.

In terms of margarine, we're talking about 8-10 grams, or a tablespoon. Take your own conclusions here.Do not forget that the technology of food does not cross your arms and that what is sometimes sold under the name "butter" may also contain a large amount of hydrogenated fat, which becomes, in essence, in margarine. Be careful when buying any solid fat.

Venus Factor-How to determine the calorific value

If you ingest the required amount of calories but not enough protein, the body will not build muscle but burn the existing ones. If the maximum cut fat and increase carbohydrate, you will start to gain weight, even lowering calorie consumption by 20%.


The greatest enemies of the plated food belly

How to Burn Fat?
Six-Pack Project: how to get a cracked abdomen?
Tables of nutrition information For Free News Venus Factor Scam

No concept as the "caloric value of exists.
Everything depends on the ingredients made with beef fat will have a value with lean meat, other. But the appearance of the dish can be exactly the same.

If you see that the salad leaves are bright, it is because, obviously, put olive oil, but no one can say how much fat was in this portion.

 The only way to determine the approximate composition of the food is weighing the ingredients before cooking.
How to determine the calorific value

The simplest method to determine the calorific value is to weigh the portion of the product being used and use information on the label. It is obvious that for this you will need an electronic kitchen scale and a calculator.

As for hot, to calculate the caloric value of each portion is necessary to weigh the ingredients before preparing

Venus Factor-Hidden calories in foods

To accumulate in fat cells, calcium retards growth and increasing their volume, causing energy metabolism. We stress that excessive calcium intake has toxic effects and is harmful to health, so it is important to follow the recommended dosage.

Linoleum acid Latest Health News John Barban
Research from Ohio State University show that in the case of a constant intake of food rich in linoleic acid oils, the level of aidpone tin ( aidpone tin ), hormone responsible for fat burning, increases by 20%.

The rich in linoleum acid oils are safflower oil (about 75%), the grape seed oil (70%), sunflower oil (65%) and hemp (60%). The average oil is only about 10% (4) .

The diet with the use of calcium-rich foods and oils with linoleum acid, have a positive effect on the metabolism, helping to burn fat faster.

The intake of a number of natural supplements before training further accelerate this progress
In the next article we will talk about how sugar, salt and fat affects the body by making the food that contains them so tasty

Analyze the secrets of the mass production technology and give advice on choosing the right foods at the supermarket.
 Since the creamed cheese has a similar effect on the receptor.

The addition of cheese is one of the easiest ways to enhance the flavor of almost any dish and the reason is the fact that people, in their subconscious, they like fat.

However, the "hidden cheese" is so calorie so quickly leads to weight gain.

John Barban-Natural Fat Burners

Natural Fat Burners

Caffeine, green tea extract and other natural products that help you burn fat effectively: what is the working principle of them and at what dose should be taken.

Despite popular belief, caffeine alone does not have fat burning and thermogenie effect created by it is not particularly significant. Caffeine only works when combined with other substances that increase the effect
However, it is important to note that caffeine helps improve the effectiveness of training, which indirectly increases the amount of calories expended.

The recommended dosage is 200 to 400 mg one hour before training, which is equivalent to two espresso coffees.Click Here to Learn More

Green Tea Extract
Studies confirm that the substances in green here - the antioxidant catechism in green tea - can speed up metabolism, causing the body to burn calories faster.

 This effect is particularly noticeable when combined with caffeine.
Studied a group of people who took 270 mg of extract combined with 200 mg of caffeine green tea daily burned 200 more calories per day than those not taking supplements.

In addition, individuals tested had insulin levels normalized (
As in the case of green tea extract, the substances in a mate - and other have a positive impact on lipid metabolism.

Venus Factor Review-The greatest enemies of the plated food belly

As a result, a person who drinks upon receiving brain stimulation of the pleasure of sugar, also receives a huge amount of calories.

Those who drink several cans of cola per day, Coca-Cola Company does not call for dependents - she calls these people " heavy user ". Since these are precisely the consumers account for 80% of sales (1) for commercial reasons is not acceptable to talk about the pitfalls.
Many More Information Here Venus Factor Review

The greatest enemies of the plated food belly

How to Burn Fat?
Six-Pack Project: how to get a cracked abdomen?

Foods with low fat
Realizing the growing concern for the amount of animal fat, manufacturers have changed the recipes, substituting often a "harmful" ingredient for another. The fat-free foods spoil faster and producers, to increase its shelf life, add more sugar and salt.

A large amount of fat resulting from the creaming process the milk is used to produce a special cheese that ends up being used to make "creamiest" (that customers like most) fast food and frozen food.
Marlboro tastes like

In 1985, the biggest concern of the tobacco Philip Morris (brand L & M, Marlboro, Chesterfield, Parliament and others) acquired the food giants Kraft and General Foods (3) ,

 that produce hundreds of products: Haagen-Dazs, Cheerios, Maxwell House, Cool -Aid, Lactic, Carte Noire, Milk.It is very likely that lobbyists holding, protecting the right of every citizen to death smoke, do everything to limit the discussion of the evils of fat and sugar, such as about the dangers of products sold in the form of ready to eat.

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The ways to get rid of cellulite & how to get rid of cellulite

Cellulite is fat cells confined in a solid network of muscle tissue and fiber. The body gets rid of this fabric and fiber steadily through body fluids, can be certain of the diet that fights cellulite.

Can cleanse the affected area and reduce the amount of excess toxins that will be useful in the removal of cellulite and improve skin quality. Check Original Review Truth about cellulite

Considered fresh fruits and green vegetables are useful for cleaning the body and getting rid of toxins. And include fresh fruits and vegetables multiple components, such as minerals, fiber and Vezaokmichael, and antioxidants. And of course we must not forget that exercise is also useful in getting rid of cellulite.

Considered nutrients of Vitamin B, C and E, and essential fatty acids
* glucosamine, calcium, iodine, fiber and potassium - eg: - avocado, oily fish, bananas, oats Bran, pears, asparagus, broccoli and such all good sources of food for cellulite treatment.

On the other hand there is little evidence that smoking and caffeine may Asuan the appearance of cellulite, probably because they shrink blood vessels. As well as the consumption of alcohol in any form causes an increase cellulite deposits in the body dramatically.

* Sometimes can become cellulite so bad, if you eat foods containing alcohol, refined foods, soda and high animal protein. Deposits of cellulite can be reduced entirely to nutrition health through diet and exercise.
Tips: Must Read

1. Cut down on the amount of fat that erosion. Achoy reinforcement instead of foods in oil, Pour off the fat surrounding the meat.

2. Drink at least two liters of pure water every day. Water cleanses your system and helps you get rid of body toxins.
3. Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables.

4. Stay away from alcohol as much as possible, because they cause liver damage and prevent your body from waste disposal.
5. Avoid snacks between meals. And instead eat a piece of fruit, or vegetables or rice cake.

6. Eat a cup of warm water that contains lemon juice to fresh when Tnhian

About Cellulite-Get rid of cellulite spam

Cellulite or fatty lumps accumulated in the bodies of women is a natural fat looks Kktl notable because of its presence in the connective tissue that usually operate on a harmonic distributed under the skin.

The remaining problem of cellulite, women par excellence, where experts estimate the skin proportion of people infected women Balsilolit 58%, almost strange that those blocks fatty symbolized by some crust orange, referring to the surface component of the blocks fatty prominent of the surface does not exclude even thin women, and thus They are linked, according to specialists, the problems are not limited to obesity alone.

Here in the following some tips that enable you to get rid of cellulite.
Most women suffer from cellulite, there are several reasons combined determine whether women will be burdened Balsilolit or not. These reasons include the total amount of fat in the body, such as age and genetic factors. Must Read

Here are some tips that experts given: to get rid of cellulite permanently:

First: Keep perpetual motion, dancers and mathematics are the only ones to their bodies devoid of cellulite. The reason for this is that they remain in the case of activity throughout the day.

Secondly: Take a bath pressure water high as improved blood circulation being active metabolism own cell fatty acids.
Third: Use creams that help the capillaries in the performance of their function as well as those rich in vitamin A that improves the skin and make it soft.